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This is a NO-SKIM site!
The amount of traffic you receive back depends on how high you rank in the toplists.

My rules
  • Only sites related to the categories on the main page - Babes, Teen, Nylon, Milf, Heels, Bra and Panty
  • Sites with SOFTCORE thumbs preferred
  • Minimum of 60% to content - the higher the better
  • No CP, illegal content, activex, viruses, consoles or any other BS
  • Your site must have a visible top list
  • Toplist rankings are based on productivity and effectiveness
  • Continually low prod/effectiveness trades will be deleted without notice
  • Trades are disabled by default and will not be enabled until you send some traffic

My Info
Email eonblue[at]
Nick EonBlue
ICQ use email
Site nameDaily Glamour

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